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IDK what is happening with 8 ball pool

Searchy's RoadSearchy's Road Posts: 2 New Member
On my other account where im level 26 I missclicked and played in Jakarta. Before it could find me an opponent I spammed the exit button but nothing happened. Then I got a guy from India and he was level 4. Level 4 In Jakarta?!?! You don't even have moscow when youre level 4. And then I lost to a level 4. But when he missed the shot the cue ball was in an awkward position so I bankshotted it. And just a millisecond before my ball went it it said waiting for connection or something like that and at that moment he had the cue ball in hand. Tho my cue ball never went in any of the pockets. Now tell me is that fair. All tho its my fault cuz I missclicked but to get a level 4 in Jakarta that's just absurd.

Heres the id of the profile: 109-653-647-4


  • whalersailorwhalersailor Posts: 86 Pool Player
    Slow connections can ruin your day. If you cannot assure yourself a constant steady connection play only low bet tables and be prepared to lose often. Fact of life, been there, done that and got the T shirt.
  • Searchy's RoadSearchy's Road Posts: 2 New Member
    @whalersailor No, my connection was great but that isn't the point. The point is I got a levek 4 in Jakarta
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