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Playing on Windows 10

I hate CheatsI hate Cheats Posts: 2 New Member
I recently sold my Ipad, so now using my laptop, omg every person I play is cheating I used to win tournaments now lucky to get passed the 1st round Miniclip are useless in controlling the game, I played 20 games this evening and got to the final twice and lost both the rest was a load of cheats winning I honestly think the owners don't care how can so many have % over 60% it is so frustrating and a waste of time when 2 days ago I started on 10 i had 312000 coins now its down to 230000 I have provided evidence to those who supposed to be monitoring the games what a joke so all you who cheat well done you losers and dishonest waste of space


  • COOLOCKERCOOLOCKER Secluder.Posts: 3,801 Pool Champion
    Plenty of players here in the high percentage rates that dont cheat. 60% is just above average really, so i cant see how that points to them being cheats? Everyone here knows i hate cheats as well, and here is my stats:


    Theres plenty more much higher stats from players here, and i know they dont cheat also. Honestly, if you have been playing on the ipad, and you have moved over to the laptop, there is going to be some adjustment needed in your game.

    Dont get me wrong either, there are lots of cheats out there, but i dont know of many that come here on the forum. They would rather steer clear of this place because they know they would be outed.
  • G11gamingG11gaming Rock out :BPosts: 4,555 Pool Champion
    omg i feel for you cheets, or is it cheats haha... maybe you should find something else on the interwebs ...oh dear maybe play Minecraft, or Plants vs Zombies? or Chyisalis... lol much did you get for your I-pad btw? :D
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