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jon2kwik4ujon2kwik4u Posts: 2 New Member
I very much enjoy playing this game (PC player), but it is next to impossible to find opponents in the higher coin games. Seems as if 99% are people transferring coins or actual players who refuse to play accounts with high win percentages. Is there any way to combat this? I'm tired of loading up rooms to get one game every 30 minutes. Something needs to be done with the rampant quitters/boosting accounts.


  • !Murray!Murray Posts: 67 Pool Player
    Who you get matched with depends on the number of players shown online. You will only be matched with players who have the same number shown to be online & this depends on when you last opened/refreshed the page.
    This means that if you hop straight into a Mumbai game straight after coming on, then the chances of meeting a transfer player are very high because they refresh the page each time they are matched with someone other than their own account before the match starts so they don't lose any coins.
    So what I'd suggest is to play a tournament or a few lower tier matches before playing in the higher tiers. Then you will have been playing a little while and so will the people you would meet at a table.
  • طلحہ سجادطلحہ سجاد UnknownsvillePosts: 629 Pool Expert
    or just play the brand new version of the game...
  • jon2kwik4ujon2kwik4u Posts: 2 New Member
    Haha, I didn't even know there was a new version of the game. Thanks for your responses!
  • d4ve_tvd4ve_tv Posts: 42 Pool Player
    Or play mobile which is where the bulk of people seem to play :smiley:
  • David RohrerDavid Rohrer Posts: 838 Pool Expert
    thank goodness for quitters, LOL. had a short lose streak in Seoul and if it wasn't for them i wouldn't have recouped that :D
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