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Ya Learn Something New Everyday about this game :-)

d4ve_tvd4ve_tv Posts: 132 Pool Pro
Ok let me set the stage. A month ago I obtained my 1st Legendary cue, the Medusa. A momentous day I might add. I marked it in my calendar LOL. I just want to point out that when I got it, it displays (on mobile) Legendary Level 1 0/2 (pieces) next to the cue when you view it. I say on mobile because as you know if you log into PC new version, it does not show "Levels".

I also have waiting in the wings 2 pieces of Inferno, Phoenix, Axion, Mythical, Thor Hammer.
I have 1 piece of Minotaur, Necromancer, Crystal Blade.
But I have 3 pieces of Kraken.

In accordance to my theory to maximize my chances by not wasting possible pieces on mobile Leg cues, I logged into PC new version and started to open the 6 Leg boxes I just got.

1st box: I get a piece of Medusa. Miniclip pops up a box saying something to the effect (I wish I took pic of it) that I already have this cue, but I get 2K coins as a bonus. But I'm thinking at least I upgraded the cue.
2nd: Kraken... YEAH!!! I unlocked Kraken!!! I'm jumping for joy bc I now have my 2nd Leg cue!
3rd: Medusa again. Cool now I should be at Level 2 bc I got 2 Medusa pieces.
4th: Medusa again. Wow, I got a piece toward Level 3.
5th: Kraken again. Well at least I'm 1 piece away from completing Level 2.
6th: I got 1st piece of Excalibur.

I go back into cue list and as you know when in PC it doesn't show "levels" so I log out and log into my phone and what do I find... yup, my Medusa and Kraken are plain ole "Level 1 0/2"

OMG!!!! Was I ****?!? The 3 Medusa and 1 Kraken pieces that I opened were for nothing! Lesson learned Miniclip. Lesson learned. Ya learn something new everyday :smiley:

So kids, the moral of this story is:
If you're going for your first Leg cue and want to try like I did to max your chances by not possibly getting a mobile Leg cue, be aware that if you get duplicate pieces, they will not be used to "upgrade" your existing cues.
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