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New PC Bug is here :( Please Miniclip !

Sling ShotSling Shot Posts: 7 New Member
Hello all my pool friend and fellas out there!

Well .. i am facing this problem in my account that whenever i login to my account on old pc version it shows like this .. well same account in logged in on my mobile whether i try to logout from there then try login to pc again but it shows the same thing as well

other accounts are opening well on old pc versions ..

please!!! help required


  • Sling ShotSling Shot Posts: 7 New Member

    i'm trying to posting such screenshots but the fourm showing error for my idk why ?
  • d4ve_tvd4ve_tv Posts: 190 Pool Pro
    Hello @Sling Shot and welcome to the forum.

    You can not post yet because you have not been on forum long enough and have not made enough posts. Keep trying but I think I was able to upload and post images after about 15 posts?!? But I might be wrong on that.

    Can you "describe" what your problem is with words or do you have to show a screenshot. Yes a screenshot may be more descriptive, but until you can post, perhaps you can tell us what your problem is and then maybe we can help.
  • SunidhifanSunidhifan Earthbound....Posts: 6,412 Pool Forum VIP
    edited June 1
    If your primary issue has to do with a difference in stats between mobile/New PC versions and Old PC version on the same is a known and well documented problem that there has been no official response to that I can recall.....

    The Mobile/New PC versions count certain stats differently from the Old PC version....which of course effects all your stats in some way..... ;) :)

  • d4ve_tvd4ve_tv Posts: 190 Pool Pro
    Oh I did not know that about the "stats" issue/difference between Old PC and mobile/new PC. Can you give an example @Sunidhifan ?

    Since I have been studying the cues, I have noticed that for example if you have obtained a country cue while in mobile, it starts out as Level 1, 5-5-5-4. If you found enough pieces and updated it to Level 2 or even Level 3, it will not be reflected in Old PC and will only show it as Level 1.

    And of course Old PC also does not use any "Levels" or displays it and the big one is that Old PC does not recognize any Legendary cues.
  • SunidhifanSunidhifan Earthbound....Posts: 6,412 Pool Forum VIP
    edited June 4
    d4ve_tv wrote: »
    @VijayGunners After watching your short video... I've had that happen to me too, but not to that extreme. I always attributed it to the side of my hand or my palm touching the edge of the screen or my other hand holding the phone touching the edge. I have the "curved" edge on my Galaxy S8 Plus. As in your video, the aiming will flicker and jump to another spot on table but I just readjust and it doesn't happen again. In your video it appears to be continuous... weird.

    Oops...posted this in wrong thread at first.... :D ....Fixed now

    You can see some of the differences in this thread....Carlos Tales and I tested the differences in my stats between the two versions and especially how tournaments count differently....

    Edit: Keep in mind, I have never once signed into the mobile version with my account.... ;)

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