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8 Ball Pool: Information Thread



  • I'm lookin for someone who has the st. Patrick's cue on their accout bot not the 2014 or the 2016 I want the fist one
  • omgsunomgsun Posts: 2,239 Pool Champion
    you can't get cues from others, and please open you own discussion, not post on the information thread
  • 10k             10k Posts: 1,709 Pool Champion
  • how can i earn money
  • how can i earn money
  • *tareko**tareko* Posts: 3,529 Pool Champion
    adila217 wrote: »
    how can i earn money

  • 10k             10k Posts: 1,709 Pool Champion
    adila217 wrote: »
    how can i earn money

    by playing or paying
  • it will be a good match
  • M QasimM Qasim Posts: 1 New Member
    miniclip suspended my id and i cannot report any problem. when they will lift the ban so i can report issues again.
  • Garret La RivGarret La Riv Posts: 31 Pool Player
    does anyone know what they mystery gift for purchasing the new year, new cue promotion?
  • SilentR4ySilentR4y Machismo Town Posts: 2,440 Pool Champion
    Anyone interested to see updated cue list, guess i can add all the missing cues (e.g. limited and the ones from surprise boxes) when the web version gets updated?
  • Harsh/-&₹@Harsh/-&₹@ Posts: 2 New Member
    I am winning games but not getting those winnings in my weekly challenge ???
  • *Aurora**Aurora* There is no substitute.Posts: 5,722 Pool Forum VIP
    I am winning games but not getting those winnings in my weekly challenge ???

    Join the club.
  • Rivn13Rivn13 Posts: 3 New Member
    This is happening to me as well. I do not cheat nor have I ever. But it's my understanding that your account can get flagged without you being notified, when you are flagged you don't get more chips on leaderboards. About the middle of the week last week I was working my way up on a good run and had gotten a few wins on the first (no guideline) room. I think there is a chance I would have won cash but I wasn't keepers bg track after I noticed they weren't adding up any longer. All of a sudden 3 ppl pass me by getting 5-7 mil in the last 2 days. I think there are ppl abusing the game and reporting ppl they see doing well to gain advantages in the standings. Miniclip says they track your device to see if you are using third party programs for 8ball, however, I don't use them nor have I ever. I've submitted 2 tickets, one today and one last week and yet to get a response. I DO NOT CHEAT, in fact I watch others who appear to know how to perfectly position the cue ball all the time.... i do not report these ppl as I assume they may just have a very good knowledge of the game. Either way, I'm not getting chips adding up in leaderboards and this is a big issue for me as I just started trying to collect the legendary cues. If anyone has any idea what is going on or if this can be resolved please post a comment!!!
  • *_B-REAL_**_B-REAL_* Posts: 20 Pool Player
  • stefanos-sstefanos-s Posts: 1 New Member
    I don't know if I should post this here but this game sucks big time,it's so great when you're a beginner but then all it does is to cheat you all the time.

    I break and then all of the sudden it's my opponents turn! I always seem to win a couple of matches and then lose three or four in a row!

    Every time I win back to back 10.000 reward matches I lose it all after a few games.

    Worst of all,my cue just stops working! It pulls back and that's it,I can't shoot the **** ball!

    I don't think it's a laptop issue,I've heard the same thing from many other players who seem to face the exact same problems.

    It's a shame because I really liked the **** game but it seems the only way to go is cheating...
  • Que2791Que2791 Posts: 5 New Member
    Pretty sure it's rigged. I just got done playing an all in match. the angle that the ball had taken to go into the pocket from where it was hit was impossible. I had played all in four times in a row and hadn't sank a ball on break, not once. Each person, one person sank five balls on break, and ran the table. I didn't sink on break, and he ran the table with this ridiculously shot ball that went in. Next time I'm going to have some one stand over my shoulder and record the games I play, because you wouldn't believe it if you seen it.
  • G11gamingG11gaming United Kingdom Posts: 2,037 Pool Champion
    Que2791 wrote: »
    Pretty sure it's rigged. . Next time I'm going to have some one stand over my shoulder and record the games I play, because you wouldn't believe it if you seen it.

    You could always use bandicam or something similar to record game play and then post your complaint.
  • seeker@seeker@ Posts: 6 New Member
    Two hackers in first three top,
    No 1 and 3.
  • seeker@seeker@ Posts: 6 New Member
    Check this out
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