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Forum Games Guidelines - ** UPDATED: [GAME] Tags Removed **

Michael HuangMichael Huang Posts: 4,114 mod
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Welcome to the Forum Games category!

Before you start or post in the thread, make sure to keep in mind of the following:
  1. Most important: Follow the Off-Topic Rules and Forum Rules!
  2. Any thread that does not relate to forum games does not belong here!
  3. For those who want to create a game thread, each and every game thread must contain a rule. You may type the rule in the thread title if the game is simple.
  4. In addition, be sure to check for any loophole/possible issue! If so, decide carefully with the rules you set.
  5. Make the rules easy to understand. If there are a lot of/complicated rules, provide examples! Examples are your friends to show forumers how to play!
  6. To prevent any unnecessary new-thread-bumping, try to create a fresh game thread that is not closely similar to another! If you can't find one, the search engine is there to assist you. :)
  7. Follow the game rules to avoid mistakes. This way, the game will go smoothly.

Have fun!
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