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8 Ball Pool™ Forum Rules

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Welcome to the 8 Ball Pool™ forum!

We hope this forum will provide a fun environment in which you can chat about our fantastic 8 Ball Pool game, share hints and tips and discuss other elements of the game with fellow players. Forums such as these work best when everyone in the community treats others with respect. We have therefore set out some rules for use of this forum to make sure that this space remains a fun and friendly environment for all.

We would encourage our users to report any activity which may be in breach of these rules. However, please be patient with new users: our goal is to have a community which leads by example.

Miniclip reserves the right to modify or amend these rules at any time and to enforce them at its discretion. These rules are not exhaustive. Miniclip has full discretion to respond to any unacceptable behavior as it sees fit, including by suspending a user’s access to the forum at any time.

Please read our forum rules below. All users should make sure they read and understand them before posting:

1. This is an English language forum. Any posts which are written in any other language may be removed without warning.

2. Please don’t use only capital letters in your posts or use excessive punctuation or misleading titles.

3. We aspire to provide a safe environment for our users, so please keep your language clean and avoid swearing. Specifically, we will not tolerate insulting, discriminatory, hateful or threatening posts, personal attacks, harassment or inflammatory posts. All such content is strictly prohibited.

4. Further, we will not tolerate inappropriate, sexual, pornographic, violent, drug-related offensive or sexually suggestive content of any sort, including links or references to any such content.

5. Ensure that you only post original material. Do not post any content which is protected by copyright, trade mark or other intellectual property right without the relevant permission.

6. Please keep your discussions on topic within each thread. Multiple or repeated posting, made without the intent of adding content to a thread is not allowed. Also, please do not post spam. Do not bump threads or revive dead topics.

7. Do not claim to represent or speak on behalf of Miniclip, its employees or chosen moderators, if you are not a Miniclip employee. Do not knowingly and/or maliciously spread false information about Miniclip, its games, moderators and/or employees.

8. We will not tolerate any discussions about how to use cheats or where to find them. Do not discuss or make accusations against other players, including posting screenshots or videos accusing them. Further, do not post links to hacks, phishing websites or any malicious viruses or programs. You agree that you shall not attempt to decompile, reverse engineer, dissemble or hack our forum, or in any way try to overcome our encryption technologies, security measures and stored data on our Forum.

9. Do not advertise, promote or link to any contests or tournaments which offer prizes or other incentives to play without prior written consent from Miniclip. Miniclip will not be held accountable for any damage caused to you, loss suffered by you, or for any inappropriate content that may come from a link external to the Miniclip website and 8 Ball Pool forum.

10. Any promotion of or linking to third party products or sites and/or competitors' games is not allowed. Please refrain from using the forum for your own commercial gain; this includes any re-sale of 8 Ball Pool coins. Further, any type of soliciting is strictly prohibited.

11. Members are permitted only one account per person. Creating more than one account may result in a permanent ban of all accounts.

12. Only report posts which you believe violate these forum rules or which contain unsuitable content. Please note that we do not delete posts or close accounts on request. All reports will be reviewed on a case by case basis.

13. We do not monitor private messages, but you can still use the report function in relation to these messages. Forum rules apply to private messages as well.

14. Please ensure that private matters are kept private. Don’t discuss or repost any private messages you receive (whether from Miniclip, moderators or other forum users). Do not share real names or email addresses or any other personal data (including that relating to other users) in any of your posts. Please be careful about what you share. While Miniclip aspires to ensure that its users comply with these rules, Miniclip isn’t responsible for the actions of its forum users.

15. Please don’t respond to posts or discussions which you know break our forum rules. Please, instead, report such posts or discussions so that Miniclip can take any action it deems appropriate.

16. You alone are responsible for your interaction with other forum users.

17. Do not openly argue with a forum moderator. If an issue arises, contact our Support team or one of the moderators through Private Message.

18. If you are temporarily banned from the game or forum, you still possess the right to have a Forum account. However, if you are permanently banned from the game, your forum account will also be permanently banned.

19. You are responsible for complying with these terms and with all warnings made against you. Ignoring warnings may result in the closure of your forum account.

20. Miniclip reserves the right to respond to any breach of these rules as it deems appropriate, including by removing, editing, banning, suspending and monitoring content or accounts which Miniclip determines is in violation of these forum rules. Miniclip may determine, in its sole discretion, an appropriate response to any such breach, which may include, without limitation, written warnings, temporary or permanent account suspension, server bans and/or legal action.

21. Miniclip’s decisions are final in these matters. Any abuse towards our Miniclip, its employees and/or moderators in any form will not be tolerated.

22. Miniclip SA does not check all posts for accuracy and for compliance with these rules. To the extent permitted by law, Miniclip disclaims all liability arising as a result of any user’s use of the forum.

23. These forum rules are governed by the laws of England.

To see our terms and conditions, which also apply to your use of the Miniclip website and its applications, click here:

To view our Privacy Policy, click here:

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