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It appears that your opponent won't show.



  • I am having the same problem with opponent not showing and it must be the game because everything else is running fine on my computer.
  • TanimTanim Posts: 426 Pool Pro
    ,game server is too slow ,,facing same problem!
  • this happen to me two time today lol reset level back lv1 lol and I love it
  • just a moment ago again now easy cash
  • now i know how reset lv lol
  • Paulb228Paulb228 Posts: 5,872 Pool Forum VIP
    As yoda would say
    server problems the miniclip people are having
    Much patients is needed young Skywalker
  • COOLOCKERCOOLOCKER Who's yer Daddy?Posts: 3,384 Pool Champion
    Im about to blow a fuse. 6 games in a row i have scratched. I use the same break all the time as it has served me well. The game is a shambles today. Burn my pc i will.
  • AgentCueballAgentCueball Posts: 9,722
    edited February 2016
    *Aurora* wrote: »
    There should be a world wide day dedicated to burning pc's. I find this view oddly satisfying.

    Sprinkle computer with Thermite ?

  • COOLOCKERCOOLOCKER Who's yer Daddy?Posts: 3,384 Pool Champion
    *Aurora* wrote: »
    There should be a world wide day dedicated to burning pc's. I find this view oddly satisfying.

    Me likey, lol.

  • my total weekly winning don't even match my status winning coin lol what clitch
  • Are they going to fix this problem soon because I've had it for hours now.Surely someone with the company reads these and could have something done about it.
  • AlbyAlby Posts: 7
    it appears to me your servers are all ballcocked up
  • Kim HansenKim Hansen Posts: 444 Pool Pro
    How come - after i "dared" to post critical stuff referring ro ghost players , fake levels (playing WAY beyond their level-skills!!) and mystery shots - no one will play me or "show up" in the games!!
    Besides this i have being practising to comment on the game with "you play like a pro" repeatetly, when it was obvious that the opponent were a part of a hired team.
    And how come when i play a tournament, i loose, all though the opponent doesn't show up - TWICE!!
    I will answer the questions my self:
    It's because there is something rotten and not right going on in this game.
    THATS why!!
    And admin-team:
    you can erase me from here to ****.
    I will comment on the obvious cheating, as long as it is going on!!
    (I have copy/pastet this - and have a nice screenshot from my mobile - so it will become handy in other related forums if this are going to be erased!!)
  • adudabudabuaduadudabudabuadu Posts: 13
    edited February 2016
    It's really funny how the numerous advertisements work well yet no one can play pool which is what this site is all about!!!....MC pool has changed for the worse....the greedy are getting greedier and don't give 2 hoots about the players as long as they are getting RICH off of the stupid advertisements...I SAY EVERYONE SHOULD BOYCOTT MC FOR 3 DAYS AND SEE HOW THEY REACT!!!
  • Alan CarlsonAlan Carlson Posts: 421 Pool Pro
    edited February 2016
    Now that I have reached the lofty level of 137, and that I am thereby appointed as an Emperor, it no longer phases me that so many decide not to play. I am so accustomed to this that I will simply hit refresh at the least indication of procrastination on my opponents part, relieving myself of the tedious deja vu associated with the inevetible messages proclaiming that the opponent still has an outside, if negligible likelihood of appearing within 30 seconds, and the subsequent eternity of mindless rapture befitting the transitory thought that my 8 ball persona may simply be too much for the common player to bare. However, with all the todo about persons not showing, my self conscious narcissism has been seriously challenged and I actually experienced a moment of self doubt, reminding me vaguely of reading Camus' novel La Chute years ago, when a player of level 118 failed to show, and I had to ponder what it could actually be all about!!
  • Michael HuangMichael Huang Posts: 4,114 mod
    Hello, all!

    The game is down due to the server issue. As soon as we have it fixed, we will let you know!
  • it have been fix
  • m4rt1nm4rt1n Posts: 1,587 mod
    I still get a lot of "no shows" even from high level players who refresh on me.
    Mostly its level 80 or lower as I'm 127, but also 150+ players who maybe recognise my name from this forum and decide not to cheat?
    I understand a lower player hitting refresh, as they may well be over committed on the coin level they are playing but I'd like a fix for this as it can get a little annoying when you have 3 consecutive 30 second countdowns before being able to spin the player wheel for a game. :smile:
  • Nanny OggNanny Ogg Growing Old DisgracefullyPosts: 10,440 Pool Forum Veteran
    Ooooooh M4rt1n said cheat ! Somebody slap his little wrist for me please :D
  • MushahidMushahid Posts: 0 New Member
    Same thing is heppening to me i can play only 6,7 games in one hour in all rooms above shangai.please solve this
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