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Welcome! Introduce yourself here

Raquel OliveiraRaquel Oliveira Posts: 1,516 admin


  • Dalton ModeratorDalton Moderator Forum Moderator Los Angeles, CAPosts: 6,951 mod
    Hey everyone!

    My name is Dalton! I live in Los Angeles, California, and think giraffes are the coolest animal ever! I joined the original Miniclip Forums back in 2006 and later became part of the moderation team in 2009. I'm so excited for this brand new community featuring 8 Ball Pool, and I hope you are too!

    Some of my favorite Miniclip games are of course, 8 Ball Pool and a few Miniclip classics: On the Run, Monkey Kick, and Anagram Magic. My scores on all of these games are well below impressive, but I still have tons of fun passing the time playing them! :D

    I cannot wait to see you all around!

    Happy gaming!
  • KING-OLEKING-OLE Posts: 413 mod
    edited April 2015
    Howdy y'all! :smiley:

    I'm Ole and I'm in Houston, Texas.

    I was born in Copenhagen, Denmark many handful's of years ago, but got moved over on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean when an awesome opportunity opened up in the mid 90's.

    In the year 2000 or 2001 I discovered Miniclip.

    The game was Crypt Raider, and my family and I were all trying to see who could get to the highest level.

    I didn't join the old forum until 2009 after I had discovered Sketch Star, but I quickly became a daily part of it, and in 2011 I was promoted to Moderator.

    When the old forum closed down, I created the temporary forum which some of you may be familiar with, as I knew how important the forum had become to a lot of people all over the world.

    It's therefore 100% awesome to be part of this new really cool forum, and hope you're all going to be having a lot of fun here.

    Game on my friends!
  • thedoc70thedoc70 Posts: 23 Pool Player
    Hi Everyone,

    I'm Mick, 45 years old and live in the Northeast of Scotland ( doesn't that sound like a dating show introduction :p ) . I joined Miniclip and the original forum in 2008 and became a Moderator there in 2010.

    If i had to pick a favourite Miniclip game, and it's a bit of a guilty pleasure, it would have to be Presidential Pounding. It never stops making me smile when i play :)

    Looking forward to Modding with you all !!


  • m4rt1nm4rt1n Posts: 1,587 mod
    Hi Everyone,

    I'm Martin from the Yorkshire Pennines, England, aged 43. :smiley:

    I also joined Miniclip in 2008 and modded on the old Miniclip forum and the Unofficial forum, prior to my invite to mod here.

    I'm really looking forward to helping this new forum run smoothly and successfully.

    I've played 8 Ball from when it first went into Beta testing and have had countless hours of fun playing over the years.
  • [Deleted User][Deleted User] Posts: 276 admin
    edited April 2015
    Hello my name is Sam I work at Miniclip I am 25 and I enjoy run-on sentences with bad punctuation

    In lieu of a proper introduction, please enjoy this video of a dog that sounds like a person

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  • TetsumonchiTetsumonchi Forum Moderator ScotlandPosts: 1,458 mod
    Hey everyone,

    My name is Colin and I live in Glasgow, Scotland.

    Lets just say I've been around the block a few times as far as the Miniclip Forums go. I discovered Miniclip and joined the forums in 2004. I became a moderator in 2006 then served as the forum administrator from 2009-2011. I was also a moderator (and later admin) on the seperate Club Penguin board. I returned to being a moderator after Miniclip took administration duties in-house, then joined Ole's forum after the crash in 2012. For the last 2 years I've helped run the temporary forum with the others.

    My favourite colour is purple and my interests include politics and history. I enjoy games, music and raucous night outs. ;)

  • Khaledy10Khaledy10 Posts: 201 Pool Pro
    Hi Everyone, This forum Rocks! :)

    My name is Khaled and im 19 years old and i live in Egypt, Cairo.

    i just joined Miniclip Site since 2011, but when i was about to be active on the original miniclip forums .. it got hacked or something. but i continued my progress in the Temporary one runned by King-Ole and the other staff, and i won Member of the year 2014 there.

    My Favourite Multiplayer Games on miniclip: 8 Ball, MiniSoccer

    other games: AdVenture Capitalist and many games :)

    Favourite Colors: Red,Black,Blue and Purple.
  • Rowunbeat!Rowunbeat! Posts: 1,469 Pool Champion
    edited April 2015
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  • TetsumonchiTetsumonchi Forum Moderator ScotlandPosts: 1,458 mod
    Welcome guys! :)
  • thewizerdthewizerd Posts: 347
    Hi I am Fetooh From Algeria, 15 years old, I am on Miniclip since june 2010, I was an artist on Sketch star and get a lot of awards...I am on level 101 on 8 ball but I think 7 months I didn't played it! My fav game:clicker heroes. :D
  • thedoc70thedoc70 Posts: 23 Pool Player
    Welcome everyone, great to see you joining here :)
  • kunal908kunal908 Posts: 3,606 Pool Champion
    edited April 2015
    Hi everyone,

    I'm Kunal, live in India.

    I joined Miniclip in 2010, joined the forum officially on 2013. I've been promoted to a Miniclip Master there (MC temporary forum, created by KING-OLE) in early 2015.

    Looking forward to do the best here and help out the forum. :)

    My favorite colours are purple, red and green. B)
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  • 4hsanN4hsanN Posts: 57
    Hi there I am Ahsan :)
    Surprised to see this new 8 ball pool forum .... :blush:
  • sparkz112sparkz112 Posts: 3
    edited April 2015
    Hey there everyone! I'm Nihal from Bangladesh! ... I love Miniclip.. as you guys do.. really nice to see the official 8 ball pool forum :D Awesome!
  • kunal908kunal908 Posts: 3,606 Pool Champion
    Welcome to the forums Ahsan and Sparkz. :)
  • Hey guys, I am M4 IV, also known as Pingu to some :) I have been on Miniclip since 2008 and have been playing their games for all these years :D I first played 8 ball pool multiplayer just after it came out, and have been playing the game from time to time and while I may not have the most wins or the time played, I have seen the game transform massively :)

    I still play 8 ball matches, mostly friendly although my favourite game at the moment is MiniSoccer :D

    See you all around!
  • Raquel OliveiraRaquel Oliveira Posts: 1,516 admin
    Welcome everyone :D
  • Michael HuangMichael Huang Posts: 4,114 mod
    Hello. I'm NasuSamaruk0, the 22-year-old pool enthusiast who loves math and science so much. I have been playing 8 Ball Pool for around 4 years. I mainly play London tourneys, but I also try out different tiers.

    See you around.
  • Dalton ModeratorDalton Moderator Forum Moderator Los Angeles, CAPosts: 6,951 mod
    Welcome to the official 8 Ball Pool forums everyone! So great to see so many familiar faces! :+1:
  • TetsumonchiTetsumonchi Forum Moderator ScotlandPosts: 1,458 mod
    Welcome aboard, wizerd, Kunal, Ahsan, Sparkz, M4 and Michael!
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