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  • IamInsane06IamInsane06 Posts: 57 Pool Player
    Hi. I won Ruby league and i didnt get cash. Can you help me please. My id is 2032475451
  • Roger CrippsRoger Cripps Posts: 10 Pool Player
    edited March 2017
    I have sent the same questions to Support but can someone tell me why I have lost all that I had with my account? I lost everything and I have been given a spurious account name which I never did submit only to log in with Facebook. Lost my total coins. Lost my purchased cues. Lost my achievements I lost everything basically. Could it be a banned account for reasons not known to me? I had paid good money with coins purchased and I have nothing to show for it. I'm not happy about throwing money down the drain but that's how it is. I've lost EVERYTHING! I used my ID as asked and it is invalid. I couldn't even use my user name and password. I'm very unhappy and I might just leave MC.
  • Roger CrippsRoger Cripps Posts: 10 Pool Player
    edited March 2017
    Never did get a reply or a response from any of you lot either. I'm disgusted by the fact that I seemed to have been wiped off of Miniclips data. Looking at the league tables there are a few in the world with literally trillions of coins and all I have to show for it is 1,555 compared to my 500,000+ total.. That's having to start from scratch again.
  • coolstuffcoolstuff Posts: 5 Pool Player
    You need one for how to contact support and get an answer.
  • Vaibhav PamechaVaibhav Pamecha Posts: 9 New Member
    thanks, this was really helpful topic.
  • TrickshotGrampsTrickshotGramps Posts: 18 Pool Player
    Regarding an opponent who was able to alter (??) my timer....I had an opponent the other day, and while I was at my last shot, my timer was not working right; the timer was very fast, I would say the 20 seconds changed to 10 seconds or less. Wonder if anyone else has had this happen to them ?? Oh yes - that opponent won because of the timer + a few other "cheats" he used
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