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Tell us your ideas!



  • BerlinBerlin Posts: 4
    Also make an option to arrange cue in order
  • The Titan!The Titan! Posts: 819 Pool Expert
    Everything should be done but cue recharging should stop first!
  • KING-OLEKING-OLE Posts: 413 mod
    -X0l0X- wrote: »
    So please lets bomb miniclip with this request iam sur they will do thx for the support

    That would probably have the opposite effect.

    The admins will read all the requests, so there is no reason to repeat them, as that will just clutter up the thread.

    Thanks. :)

  • Rowunbeat!Rowunbeat! Posts: 1,469 Pool Champion
    kunal908 wrote: »
    before do those ... END THE CHEATERS and END THE HACKS !!!

    Just in case if you missed this thread -

    Not all, can be tracked. High tiers are still a no-go in pc.
  • ragenmeragenme Posts: 1
    Raquel wrote: »
    What would do differently?

    How would you improve the game?

    What would you like to have as a new feature?

    Let us know your ideas for the game!

  • Michael HuangMichael Huang Posts: 4,114 mod

    I would recommend that there will be limited edition and other designs for the table. The best suggestion I can think of is to have MC customize our own cues and table.
  • KING-OLEKING-OLE Posts: 413 mod
    I'd actually like to be able to play a bot which matches my own or a slightly higher level than me.
    This way it would never be too easy, and you wouldn't have to worry about cheaters.
  • Michael HuangMichael Huang Posts: 4,114 mod
    KING-OLE wrote: »
    I'd actually like to be able to play a bot which matches my own or a slightly higher level than me.
    This way it would never be too easy, and you wouldn't have to worry about cheaters.

    Hello there, @KING-OLE ,

    Level does not define skills by the way. It measures how much experience you have in 8 Ball Pool. To me, I do not think that suggestion is the best way to go for since there will be cheaters at some relatively same/higher level. For instance, you are Level 21, and the cheater has Level 21. Setting such thing for the game will not make the cheaters go away. Another possible disadvantage is that your suggestion will limit the amount of players that he/she wants to play against with, which will not motivate him/her to play the game.

    Unless cheating stops, I do not think that this step is right to get into. I am sure that you can do better than this. ;)
  • kunal908kunal908 Posts: 3,606 Pool Champion
    More table patterns,

    Like shark, rabbit, city pattern, big ben...etc.
  • Will Will Posts: 15
    edited April 2015
    Admin EDIT: all reports of users can be made by creating a ticket to our Customer Support. Do not post pictures of user's profiles, accusing of cheating.

    Post edited by Raquel Oliveira on
  • Michael HuangMichael Huang Posts: 4,114 mod

    Better idea would be to create the storyline of the game instead of just challenging online players. I would also think that including bots at different levels is the great idea, so players can challenge and learn from them.
    I_B3AST_I wrote: »
    kunal908 wrote: »
    More table patterns,

    Like shark, rabbit, city pattern, big ben...etc.

    When are table patterns used? as far as I khow they have been eradicated

    The table patterns are still available in the web version 8 Ball Pool shop. I am sure that if you visit the web version game and then "Shop", you can find lots of designs for your table! Otherwise, if you decide not to, when you start the game in certain tier, the table will show up the certain tier table design.
  • BerlinBerlin Posts: 4
    edited April 2015
    Plz start a table in which there will be entry fees in form of pool coins n the reward will be in a form of pool cash. This way game will become more intresting n everyone love to play to earn some pool cash

  • [Deleted User][Deleted User] Posts: 276 admin
    Some excellent ideas here people, rest assured that they will all be seen and taken into account by the developers. Keep them coming!

    But yes, please don't "bomb" or spam us with requests - we are paying attention!
  • I would really like some more table designs and frames, all I can think of at the moment really.
  • -X0l0X--X0l0X- Posts: 10
    Hi every one iam a new member and i'd like to share with you some ideas to make 8 ball pool better.hope that miniclip will take these ideas in the next upgrade
    1- we are asking for 2 differents tables tournement. The first one is for tournments between friends via invitations i mean even if we are 4 or 5 friends out of 8 players .the rest will be selected randomly. The second table lets make it for 50K with 300K as reward (with lines).a lot of fun.
    2- add a new table name it(gods club) only 150 stars are ollowed make it with very difficult hard rules new rules.
    3-try to give a better look for the table MONACO all in lounge give it a better motifs and colors pleaaaaase!!! Its a bit ugly :)
    4-weekly competition : cash or coins ! Why dont you offer an unique cue for the winner a cue wich is not for sale dosnt exist in the store.
    5- a possibilty to make his own picture while subscribing via miniclip in stead of repetetive avatars just like facebook or google plus.
    5-delet all inactive accounts wich are not active for more than 3 months to make the server cleaner and faster.
    6- the possiblity to convert coins into cash
    7-there are some unknown countries flags add the name of the country please
    8- please add a new table for players who are from the same country! Name it ( sweet home victory) give that table the same flag colors and motifs. Cool isnt it?
    9- when playing againt antoher player we can see in his profile if he has lost the last match you make succsesive victoty=o instead of making 0 mark how many successive defeats he has got . Mark it in red .

    I know its hard but its possible. To make 8 ball pool the best on line gave for lifetime
    Tank you very much and keep up the great work.
  • Michael HuangMichael Huang Posts: 4,114 mod

    Seems like no one found this idea yet... How about MC creating open room of tournament and regular tier matches, so players do not need to wait longer for player? ...

    Visit any tier match or tourney and see if there is any available room to visit. For instance, visit "Jakarta Volcano" and you will see the number of available (not full) and unavailable rooms (full). Select the room and challenge against opponent!
  • MR MISSMR MISS Posts: 547 Pool Expert
    It's probably already been mentioned but what I would really like is to be able to delete certain chat phrases from my account that I don't intend on ever using. Even though I hide a lot of them, each day I need to do the same process over again before I play. It might be something for you guys to look into.
  • JoeJoe Posts: 3
    I would like to make a miniclip character on my android.

    Also, I think mini snooker could work out well.
  • kunal908kunal908 Posts: 3,606 Pool Champion
    edited April 2015
    Toss (a gold coin/a pool ball) feature - Decides who gets to break first.
  • Melody456Melody456 Posts: 403 Pool Pro
    hi, i'm new to miniclip, and 8 ball, and i have noticed a few thing's I would change to make 8 ball better just thought i'd share. #1 personally, i think when you play you're friend's, you should like have three option's #1 could be play for coin's #2 could be play for a new cue & #3 could be play just for fun. #2 the chatting is kinda crazy i think you should be able to say whatever you want whenever you want as long as it's not something that shoulden't be said, and have some word's that can be bought but only one's like, ur cute, i like you, wanna go out, i love you, stuff like that. #3 making you're avatar, i personally don't like how it's set up to make you're avatar, but idk that just might be me but,i was thinking like have it set diffrently to where the new client can go in to make there avatar, and like they pick a t-shirt or like a dressy shirt, and they can upload there own picture to it, and then go on from there with the color and everything. #4 like other people are saying, i think it would be awesome to have it where 2-4 & or 4-6 player's can play at once, like a team 8 ball or something like that. #5 i would love it if you made a classic 8 ball game choice, and there would be like a prize of 500 - 1000 coin's or you could win a classic 8 ball cue . and last but not least!!! c'mon people the chatting it's in black and white right!!! well i thought it would be just awesome to be able to color you're word's, like chatting color's, you know boring chatting word's are in black and white right? c'mon people make chatting and hanging out with friend's more fun by making you're own custume word color's!!! thank you for reading my post !!!
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