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Do you Hunt or Fish?

Tyler DalehiteTyler Dalehite Zombie ModeratorMississippiPosts: 823 mod
Hello all..I know this topic might be controversial.I live in the southern USA where most the people I know Hunt deer,rabbit ,duck etc..and Fish. .I do not hunt personally but I do like the taste of deer meat ...I do fish however and love to eat catfish and occasionally Brim. Let me know your opinions on the matter :smiley: ..


  • fish most time love tooo fish :)
  • Dab86Dab86 Posts: 586 Pool Expert
    Fish,deer and rabbit are my favorite :yum:
  • *!--FUREEEE--!**!--FUREEEE--!* Posts: 3,939 Pool Champion
    Yeah you're right @OleMissRebels! Deer tastes good and I don;t hunt or fish but I like deer so hunt.
  • Nanny OggNanny Ogg Growing Old DisgracefullyPosts: 10,645 Pool Forum Veteran
    I had a really good online friend from the USA a few years back, we had a lot in common and spent a lot of time chatting until one day he sent me a pic of himself, kneeling over the dead body of Bambi's mum with a rifle in one hand and a smug smile of satisfaction on his face.
    When I tried to explain the cultural differences between us would make virtually any Brit recoil in horror at that scene he became defensive and aggressive........ friendship over :(
  • SilentR4ySilentR4y Machismo Town Posts: 2,460 Pool Champion
    No, and don't like it neither, i'd rather hunt for human than for helpless animal if i have to (this doesn't mean i want to lol). But i like chilling in boat on a river, like i'm fishing without actually catching a fish :)
  • yakoubyakoubyakoubyakoub Posts: 806 Pool Expert
    hunter for life man. fishing bores me to death
  • David RohrerDavid Rohrer Posts: 851 Pool Expert
    edited December 2017
    hunter for life man. fishing bores me to death

    you need better bait :D but then, you can't catch one every time you cast or it'd be called CATCHIN', not fishin' :wink: same with hunting, would be called killing, lol. if every time you went out you killed a deer (or whatever your quandary may be :smile: )
  • G11gamingG11gaming Rock out :BPosts: 4,555 Pool Champion
    As we don't have access to guns here,( legally ) i would fish. Love going back to basics, living off of the land, fending for one's self. I've eaten Roach, Stickleback and other small fry that would make anyone wanna puke. :# :p :o
  • David RohrerDavid Rohrer Posts: 851 Pool Expert
    I'm sure Tyler would attest, you get a Southern boy, who knows how to fry up "a mess of catfish" that is freshly caught and you're in for some good eating! Batter fried, or for the healthier minded we lemon saute' it on the grill with fresh ground clove and fresh minced garlic and OHHH-LALA that is the stuff you have to remind your dogs of their manners over, it smells so good :D When Prince was a pup (6 or 7 months old) he learned a quick but hard lesson over it with the grill and his nose and how THAT'S HOT!!! But that fish smelled SOOOOo good :wink:
  • COOLOCKERCOOLOCKER Now you know.Posts: 3,703 Pool Champion
    Fishing would be my thing, but i havent done it in a long time now. I/we have always fished off the rocks at the lighthouse in Howth head, at the spots marked in red in the 2 pics below. I have never fished off a boat or on a river though. Both these spots are on opposite sides off the lighthouse.



    The bait we used was either feathers, or ragworm. I always found the feathers to be the best when fishing though. As for the ragworm, i hated those little blighters, lol. They could give you a real nasty nip with those pincers they had.



    Folks who say that fishing was boring dont get the real picture in my opinion, as for me it wasnt only about catching fish. It was about getting away from the hustle and bustle, and just unwinding for the day. I could say it was about watching the world go by, but you dont see much world when facing the sea, lol.

    Yeah, i had many many days when nothing would be caught, but when you did catch, it was just a nice little bonus on top of the day out. We would bring a few trays of beer, a few (ahem) roll ups, a boombox, and some BBQ trays with some food to pass away the hours. Sometimes we would stay out overnight. All we had to do was pack up the gear, head a short distance along the coast, and stay in an abandoned boat house overnight, and then start fishing again the next day. Heaven.

    I cant find a picture of the boat house, but i know this next picture is taken from the spot where it is, and doesnt that look beautiful, eh?


    When we did catch, it was usually mackeral. Not to everyones taste, but i loved them. The lads would gut and clean them, and then pop them on the BBQ trays:


    If we couldnt catch mackeral, then all we had to do was drop a line straight over the edge of the rocks, and there we would catch some bass or pollock. The mackeral where bountiful around Aug/Sep/Oct when they would come closer to the shore. Man i miss them days.

  • Nanny OggNanny Ogg Growing Old DisgracefullyPosts: 10,645 Pool Forum Veteran
    edited December 2017
    When we were younger my ex used to go sea fishing.

    Although it never actually interested me as a leisure activity I eventually questioned why it seemed to be a male only activity and wanted to know why I was never invited.

    He said I was welcome to come along on the next trip but that I probably wouldn't enjoy it as I would be sure to get seasick.
    I was like "oh I don't get seasick", based solely on having been to sea previously on large ferries.
    What I didn't know then was that big ships had something small boats did not... bleeding great stabilisers LOL

    Luckily however, I did take his advice and eat a large fried breakfast of sausage, bacon, eggs, fried slice and beans ( even though I don't eat breakfast as a rule and especially not a full English fry-up :D ), as he warned me that throwing up on an empty stomach was a lot more painful than actually having something in your stomach to get rid of.

    The boat we were on could not have been more than about 30 feet from stem to stern so it was a very small boat to take to sea in, and it took an hour or two to get out far enough offshore to start fishing.
    I was absolutely fine while we were motoring out, and took great pleasure in telling the ex, "see ? told you I don't get seasick".

    Fine that is, until the boat stopped.

    I have literally never been so sick in my whole life LOL

    I spent the next several hours throwing up, and lying below decks between bouts of throwing up, wishing I was unconcious.
    Two things I will never, ever do again is go to sea in a small boat, and get on a horse ( which is another story entirely LOL ).
  • David RohrerDavid Rohrer Posts: 851 Pool Expert
    You've got the RIGHT idea of it COOLOCKER. Not always about catching them but of course that is the MAJOR fun in fishing :wink: It's about getting out there, and absorbing the sounds and smells and sights and EXPERIENCE. Man, i can't believe you've never gotten to river fish......the smallmouth bass in the river here, put up the best fight pound for pound. They are used to maintaining in strong current so they ARE strong and when you have an ultralight rig, microspin setup that is, and latch on to a 4 to 6 pound smallmouth THAT is some FUN brother! But besides the fishing, i kayak this river and man you wanna talk about some sights you just would NEVER see otherwise.....that will take your breath away in beauty. No roads, no maintained property or trails, if you weren't floating by it on that river or low enough in a SLOW moving aircraft you'd never get to enjoy the beauty of it. And abandoned times too........old railway trussels with 1896 stamped in the corner stones of the bridge pylons. Abandoned mill right there in conjunction with it. The roads into those places from "civilisation" are overgrown and forgotten and again, if not for floating by and stopping there to explore you'd never know it was there....... LOVE where i live and fishing and hunting are just two aspects of it :smile:

    Now back to the hunting aspect of it......imagine finding this image, on your trail cam.
    I'm not sure if it was their dog or not and don't care but there IS a reason us hunters dispatch Coyote with a passion and this is just ONE of those reasons. That was someone's pet and that poor little jack russel didn't stand a chance. Just yesterday,
    i was crossing the bridge over the river i live on, back into my county on the way home.
    2/3 across it the person in front of me started braking hard and i saw a young Coyote "pup" probably 4 or 5 months old, CRAZY looking patches of hair either excessively "poofy" or was missing a LOT of hair everywhere else and making those look weird,
    but he's not acting right, all haunched over and snarling and at first thought he was going to jump under bridge railings but that is about a 100ft drop to water (he might have been over ground at that point and still probably 60-80ft drop to OUCH!
    He ended up turning back towards my county and ran under guardrail on right side.
    Dude in front kept going and i pulled over, put flashers on and got out to see where it went (under bridge). I glance up and see two adult coyotes not full on chasing,
    but "working a plan" on my neighbor's cattle. he DID have 3 or 4 newborns and i didn't see ANY of them.......all i could do was go phone him at the house and let him know if he wants it handled i've been wanting to try these new Hornady core-locked nosler tips and that would be a PRIME candidate for the task. sbb7ncdqnuhg.png

    My two dogs, a male pitbull and greyhound mix, and a female staffordshire bull terrier are BOTH knuckleheads and WOULD go to take on a coyote or two......and i am worried their fearless nature wouldn't warn better than if it were 4 or 5........even the solid build and known tenacity with which my dogs could bring to the table they would neither one stand a chance alone or even together against a pack. And things go wrong....yeah, i'm not giving them the chance to be in that predicament or I"M the one at fault. They are detrimental to the turkey population and newborn fawn deer but that is NATURE and i won't disturb that. As long as you play Wile E. Coyote in the woods you're good to go but when you come for dogs and cattle and cats and chickens and ducks, you are on your way out of this world and it's just a matter of time......
  • SunidhifanSunidhifan Earthbound....Posts: 6,117 Pool Forum VIP
    edited December 2017
    Used to do both quite extensively back in the day.....used to hunt a lot in my youth but enjoyed fowl hunting the most...especially Partridge, Pheasant and Duck.....Only hunted for deer once, after my first kill, I found I did not enjoy venison very much so never hunted them again....the largest mammal I ever hunted was Black Bear....lots of them in Northern Minnesota, Wisconsin and Canada where I hunted most.... But pretty much stopped hunting in my 20's....

    Continued to fish for many decades and have pursued many types and conditions...from rivers, ponds, lakes to deep sea fishing....Fishing is definitely very relaxing and exciting at the same time....odd combo for sure....and like both @COOLOCKER and @David Rohrer said, much of it was for the camaraderie and enjoyment of nature as well.....
    My personal favorites for fishing was Walleye, Northern Pike, Muskie, Bass and Cod....all challenging and all delicious.....

    But can no longer do either one anymore due to health can only reflect back on memories of it now......I am a very strong believer in that whatever you hunt or kill, there has to be a good reason for it and you should make sure none of what you take goes to waste.....As my uncle taught me when young, if you shoot it, you eat it....I shot a Bat on his farm when I was 12....he cooked it up and made me eat it......needless to say, I never shot a Bat again..... :D
    But as David also said, sometimes, you have to kill pest animals and nuisance creatures as well.....part of life I suppose.... ;)

  • COOLOCKERCOOLOCKER Now you know.Posts: 3,703 Pool Champion
    edited December 2017
    Tell you what Dave, if i had any decent rivers near me to fish from, i would have been there in a flash. Instead we only got the stinking river liffey, and i wouldnt eat anything from that, lol. The coast is only a 20 minute drive or so from me, so it was always the plaice (pun intended, lol) to go fishing.

    The likes of coyotes or wolves dont exist in Ireland, or bears for that matter, so hunting wouldnt be a big thing here. We have Deer, but they are a protected species. The only times guns come out in Ireland is when the crims go on a mad one, or when farmers are Ratting, killing foxes, badgers etc.

    As for the fight in fishing, lol, i know all too well how it feels. I have often put out a set of 8 feathers, and reeled in a full set of mackeral on them. And when you got 8 big ones on the one set, it was a struggle, lol. The mackeral dont get too big usually, but you do get the rare one that is huge for its species. And boy oh boy, do those puppies swim in a group or what? Huge schools of them at times.

    Jeff, your right about not letting anything go to waste. When we would catch, we would cook some of them there and then. But when we where on the fish in a big way, we would bring them home and throw some in the freezer, or give some of them to the neighbours. Nobody ever said no to a few fresh mackeral, lol.

    Just to get an idea of the size of mackeral we have in Ireland. This would be considered a big size for a mackeral, even though i know they grow a whole heap bigger elsewhere.

  • (Silver Surfer)(Silver Surfer) Posts: 209 Pool Pro
    Stinking river Liffey , is that how the Guinness gets it colour.
  • COOLOCKERCOOLOCKER Now you know.Posts: 3,703 Pool Champion
    Stinking river Liffey , is that how the Guinness gets it colour.

    Partially Surfer, lol. I wont let you in on the secret of the other ingredients though ;)

    BTW, i think Guinness is pure muck. Wouldnt touch the stuff, lol.
  • David RohrerDavid Rohrer Posts: 851 Pool Expert
    Mackerel is Mackerel brother. Here, the "mid sized" ones like that are most tender and best in my opinion. Big enough to make a sammich that is, and young enough it's not darkened with any sickness or traumas or just aging
  • creativehottycreativehotty summer atmPosts: 2,042 Pool Champion
    YES AND YEAH ... obviously lol :D B)
  • David RohrerDavid Rohrer Posts: 851 Pool Expert
    edited December 2017
    YES AND YEAH ... obviously lol :D B)

    wait......WHAT?!? you hunt and fish??? I'm in love.......ok, maybe it's Ell Yu Ess Tee (had to spell that phonetically because evidently that's a bad word, mmkayyyy? :D ) because i've never seen you but you got any sisters? LOL :D finding a lady that will fish, let alone bait her own hook, let alone take her own fish off, let alone HUNTS too.......pffff, one in a million......
  • creativehottycreativehotty summer atmPosts: 2,042 Pool Champion
    edited December 2017
    YES AND YEAH ... obviously lol :D B)

    wait......WHAT?!? you hunt and fish??? I'm in love.......ok, maybe it's Ell Yu Ess Tee (had to spell that phonetically because evidently that's a bad word, mmkayyyy? :D ) because i've never seen you but you got any sisters? LOL :D finding a lady that will fish, let alone bait her own hook, let alone take her own fish off, let alone HUNTS too.......pffff, one in a million...... big deal mkay lol (wouldve put eh in instead usually), now dont bug me cause im watchin hockey and UFC lol lol !!
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