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Add rule that count as lose when foul for several times

There are times when there is a snooker and the player instead of trying to get out of it, they just pot the cue intentionally to get of the situation.
There should be rules that count people like this lose when he/she foul for maybe 3-4 times. I believe there are rules like this in real pool games. Maybe this can be another feature for higher stake games, like call pocket on all ball or just 8.


  • Yi ZangYi Zang Posts: 2
    4ever_LOST wrote: »
    And what do you do on your turn 3-4 times after your opponent has potted the white in hopes that you clear the snooker situation for him? Keep him snookered? Cannot clear it yourself either?

    Sorry, if I have not understood your post correctly.

    Normally u should try to get out of the snooker or try to give ur opponent a snooker without breaking the rule. potting the white on purpose is just bad game behavior. like no one want to lose, but abusing the system by keep breaking the rule and hope ur opponent will clear clear the situation for u need to be punished.
  • SunidhifanSunidhifan Earthbound....Posts: 6,113 Pool Forum VIP
    edited April 2016
    Hello @Yi Zang and welcome to the forum.... :)

    There have probably been at least 30 or 40 threads made on this subject in the year since this forum has been around..... just look back through the pages and you will see.....I am just a fellow member and have no association with miniclip, so nothing official here, but would like to make a couple points without any intent to offend or belittle....just my observations and opinion....

    Every time a person intentionally does that, in my opinion, it is, as you say, poor sportsmanship.......

    But....they are punished by you getting ball-in-hand as per the rules that the game was coded under which can be seen here: ....

    At some point in a professionally refereed match the ref may call a serious foul and disqualify the violating player, but this rarely happens, as I said, it is at the discretion of the ref....who in most cases of international play will consider the rewarding of ball-in-hand as punishment enough....especially since as @4ever_LOST pointed out, this alone should in most cases result in you being able to clear the table.....

    In UK rules and some other places, it is standard (but localized) to have the 3 foul rule in effect which results in a loss.....but as I said, this game was not coded to those is coded to the WPA rules I provided......

    Again, no offense intended whatsoever...just letting you know what I know from many years of playing and open discussion with the original game developers back in the day when they actually sought out and took into consideration the input from the community.....

    Best of Luck and try not to let it get under your skin......just learn to take advantage of the ball-in-hand and it will not be a problem anymore...except for those dufus players that keep doing it.... :)
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