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How i can get the cues like london

#8 Ball Myth 5th#8 Ball Myth 5th Posts: 1 New Member
Hey i want the cues like london sydney etc. How i can get it please someone !!!!


  • cathiecathie Posts: 6 Pool Player
    hey #8 Ball Myth 5th I know how to get cues such as London, syndey and etc. do you have a computer? if you do go to 8 Ball Pool on your computer you will see a the home screen in the home screen you will see tournaments click on it it will bring you 4 tournaments London, Syndey, Moscow and Tokyo. London is standard. syndey is standard. Moscow is no guideline/ call pocket on 8 ball. and Tokyo is no guideline/call pocket on every shot. So far I am a level 79 and I have London cue, Sydney cue and Moscow cue. Oh I forgot to mention you have to win the tournament to get the cue.
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