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UMesh KUmarUMesh KUmar Posts: 6 New Member
friends i now have around 400 cash by winning the leauges.... with that cash what should i do should i buy the premeium cues or buy legendary cues.... i stilll hav shangrila arcangel and thorhammer to get what to do... please help me friends and i am new ti


  • SunidhifanSunidhifan Earthbound....Posts: 6,086 Pool Forum VIP
    edited September 2017
    Hello and welcome to the forum...... :)

    It all depends on where your interests lie and what your goals are.... ;)

    Personally, I think any of the Country Cues is the best option, they have all the FAST features anyone should ever need and have an excellent extortion fee....oops, I mean recharge fee...stupid auto-correct.... :* .....pretty much no one will be bothered by or worry about the low fee ...and they look good.... :)

    But if your interests lie in getting specialty items and having a full and pretty
    Then I would not be qualified to make suggestions....I do not know anything about all the fancy cues.... :|

    But there are a few here who should be able to make some helpful suggestions.... ;)

    Good luck.... :)

    Edit: Since you are a new member, and probably unaware...I will give you an FYI....
    You are not supposed to create duplicate threads..... ;)

  • UMesh KUmarUMesh KUmar Posts: 6 New Member
    thnx... but legendary and premium cues have high stats
  • SunidhifanSunidhifan Earthbound....Posts: 6,086 Pool Forum VIP
    edited September 2017
    To each their own I suppose....I have no problem with that.... :)

    I heard a rumor that the next cue update will include "The Ultimate Killer"...very expensive and a very high recharge fee....but....once it is your turn, you can just sit back and watch the cue clear the table for the win...... :*

    Just kidding...I know there are people who love collecting the different ones.... :D

    Good luck and I hope others offer some better advice.... :) ...I mainly posted so that you would not think everyone was ignoring your post... :)

    Edit: The cues do not have stats...players have stats..... ;) ...statistics are not static....
    The cues have Force, Aim, Spin, Time (FAST) features ... or specifications...... :|

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  • UMesh KUmarUMesh KUmar Posts: 6 New Member
  • ATG8ballpoolATG8ballpool Posts: 473 Pool Pro
    I personally think u should go for legendary cues because it has some special power...The more legendary cue you collect the more pay back you will get,extra xp and time...archangel is still one of the best legendary cue...
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