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Double Account? Link issues, please help.



  • AlamdarAlamdar Posts: 1 New Member
    edited April 2017
    Dear Admin i have issue with my account , i can login my id with facebook account but i cant able to login my same id with mini clip even if i reset password with mini clip id then email got on my fb email and password reseting on miniclip web but that password cannot work for signing in if i go with mini clip id , also if i login my id on computer with facebook then all stats show zero and on mobile with facebook account same my old coins showing and my rank , kindly solve my issue as soon as , my email is
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  • AlisaNTonikAlisaNTonik Forum Moderator BiHPosts: 1,756 mod
    Hi @Alamdar,

    Please contact our Support team, they'll help you :
  • Mohammed SalimMohammed Salim Posts: 1 New Member
    Hi There,

    I started playing in guest account for few month's than linked with facebook later logged account in Miniclip.

    Three queries would like to know and sorted it out. . . Please help!!

    1. When I open account in Miniclip it's an duplicate account in browser.
    2. I've 14 Legendaries cue's but still receives a very less cashback comparing with my friends account who have even less Legendary cues in numbers.
    3. My country is India but it get often swipe with Hong Kong.

    Thanks in Advance..
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