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Someone is using my account

PrajjuPrajju Posts: 1 New Member
Hello Miniclip team

This is Prajwal and I had a issue.

I sincerely think that my 8 ball pool account is hacked
Because when I started the game yesterday evening I had 4 m coins and then I played 1 Rome and 1 Bangkok and won them both and hence I should have had 13 million but when I opened the account after some time it showed that I had 23 million coins. I thought that it was a big and left it off but at night when I opened my account again then I was in a match which I was not even playing and then after some time it told disconnected and said I would be logged out of the account in my device as it was logged in with another device. Then next morning I opened my account but it was fine. I played a couple of matches and had 60 million coins and after some time when I saw my account I magically had only 56 million coins and I then played 2 more Berlin matches and won them and then had 97 million and then after some time I had been reduced to 96 million without me playing and that the cue which I was using was also changed without no reason.

Please look into this matter and please help.

Thank You

Hoping for a reply soon.


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