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The Song Title Game

The Titan!The Titan! Posts: 819 Pool Expert
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(This game is created by Metalzord in the new forums) And all the credits go to him) I have also used the same description)


The game with the songs' titles.
The one that, if i write the title " Still loving you - Scorpions", then,
the next poster can write " You don't remember, i'll never forget - Yngwie Malmsteen ", e.t.c.

Example: "Still loving you - Scorpions"
"You don't remember, i'll never forget - Yngwie Malmsteen "
"Don't know what to do - Ric Segreto"
"Do you know- Uriah Heep"
"I live my life for you - Firehouse"

Please, try to avoid "oneword" title!

I hope you all enjoy it!

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