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  • Gautam GogoiGautam Gogoi Posts: 2 New Member
    I'm on Level 165 and I've did a lot of hard work in making 1.5b coins. I did nothing to violate the Game rules. I play fair. Why did I suddenly receive a final warning of suspicious activitiy and suddenly all of my winnings and 1.5billion coins were taken.
    I've already contacted the Customer care regarding this.
    Please help my with this matter.
    My Unique ID is 2165015888
    I've all my winnings are not returned I"ll never be able to play this game again.
    With regards
  • EmadigonEmadigon Posts: 1 New Member
    Gautam, I'm curious to know how you managed to earn 1.5b coins.
    It does look suspicious. The winner of my league earned 29b last week.
    On a good week playing 10 hours I could earn 20k.
    Seems to me there's not enough hours in a week to earn that much.
    So I'm a **** player but please explain how you achieve that legitimately.
  • $pirit35$pirit35 Posts: 6 Pool Player
    mjl1888cfc wrote: »
    I have played 2 players,JCHazED being the most recent, when I have been unable to move my cue.Luckily with the aforementioed player he potted the white with the black.Is this a hack or was my laptop malfunctioning?Thanks in advance.Michael.

    This has happen to me too for the last two weeks with many players. I have been unable to move my cue? Is this happening to others....A reply would be appreciated Thank You...Love playing 8 ball pool!
  • dog_terminatordog_terminator Posts: 5 New Member
    To the members of the admin of miniclip: do you still address concerns of the players, especially in the game of pool?
  • dog_terminatordog_terminator Posts: 5 New Member
    You see how the members of admin of miniclip is so irresponsible. They just ignore the problems of the players. They just want to earn money from the players who buy their products, but doing nothing to address our concerns. Shame on you!!!
  • ATG8ballpoolATG8ballpool Posts: 183 Pool Pro
    I am missing at least 10 awards 1)8 ball win2)perfect pla67fbwl2bel0q.jpg
    y3)veteran potter4)double dip5)half power6)tournament semi finalround7)top of the class8)Sydney mates9)combination shot10)golden request id:1656315....I win those achievements many time but the moment I logout the awards simply vanish from the award list...
  • ATG8ballpoolATG8ballpool Posts: 183 Pool Pro
    But now my accounts only show 100 awardsmfmmtq7b7add.png
  • ATG8ballpoolATG8ballpool Posts: 183 Pool Pro
  • Shoaib ShahShoaib Shah Posts: 1 New Member

    As per your email below , I have contacted TapJoy and as per their revert, they have confirmed on email that they have processed my Reward from their end successfully. I am hereby attaching the responses that I have received from Tapjoy , so that you can sort this matter and credit my Cash Reward accordingly.

    Below listed are the Case#'s for your reference.


    11153144 ---Cash Reward Amount (13)
    11153158----Cash Reward Amount (124)
    11212269----Cash Reward Amount (13)
    11212275----Cash Reward Amount (11)

    I am hoping that this case will be resolved on priority. Hoping to receive a positive response.
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