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Mexico glitch

ATG8ballpoolATG8ballpool Posts: 470 Pool Pro
@George Sweeper plz help me if you can...
I have won Mexico tournament twice but now it shows 0 win. ...Mexico tournament was going on and I thought of getting the ring but now I need to win again from the start ...feeling dejected Ticket ID:1926182:( :( :( tnuksbepcrqa.jpg


  • Carlos TalesCarlos Tales Posts: 1,344 Pool Champion
    Thus really is bad :( I would recommend deleting the app and reinstalling before playing it again. Also next time you win record the win in case to show what happens at the end. Your achievements prove you have won but only once so recording additional wins will be crucial in proving it to Miniclip Good luck
  • ATG8ballpoolATG8ballpool Posts: 470 Pool Pro
    Yes from now onwards I will record every game...but such thing has never happen before. ..shocked
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