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Free Spin

protest1protest1 Posts: 1 New Member
Hey! On the Free Daily Spin, does anyone ever win the $1000, $2500, $5000, $7500, $10000, $50000 or Lucky 8 cue?


  • طلحہ سجادطلحہ سجاد UnknownsvillePosts: 672 Pool Expert
    edited April 14
    Hello and welcome to the forum!!
    I have gotten every single prize you mentioned above :wink:
  • Deimos666Deimos666 Mobile / AndroidPosts: 585 Pool Expert
    I too have gotten all the highest coin prizes once or twice, so all are possible, but in my 4 or so years, never the lucky 8 cue (curse you Miniclip!!! >:) ) .

    Don't expect anything great and you will be happy with whatever you get (or should I say, what little). Mostly you get the small prizes, especially true on mobile (I don't spin enough on web version to say, but guessing similar).

    Use spin and win for free coins as you need them while you earn / stack up coins through play, and then forget about the spin and win forever thereafter!

    And yes, welcome to the forum!
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