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Fanastic cue

Kousar46673cKousar46673c Posts: 1 New Member
How can I get a fantastic cue


  • Nineballina GeNineballina Ge Posts: 356 Pool Pro
    edited May 11
    by being a fantastic guy, then every cue will be fantastic

    i'm a fantastic guy

    that's what my mum tells me anyway
  • d4ve_tvd4ve_tv Posts: 115 Pool Pro
    @Nineballina Ge You are a fantastic guy! That's why you have a Fantastic cue collection! So jealous of your collection! :smiley:

    Seriously tho, @Kousar46673c Did you mean the Pool Fanatic cue or you're actually asking how you would get a fantastic cue?!? As in you'd like a cue that's really great!?!? Just trying to clarify and understand your question sir.
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