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who the best player in the game!



  • JJoeJJoe OLD PC/MOBILE Posts: 958 Pool Expert
    JJoe wrote: »
    Off topic a bit but thought I'd say - I'm primarily an old PC player, and recently started playing Mobile a little bit since January/Christmas, and I definitely find Mobile much harder.

    Tho it depends how you look at it, like because mobile seems harder I tend to get more chances to win since my opponents generally have a harder time winning too. So I can win by playing worse on mobile than I'd need to on PC. as PC is fairly straightforward if you're experienced, so you can't really get away with any mistakes at all

    saying that straight after our match cuts deep mate, very deep! :( :/

    *off to practice room* :D

    Lol mate, didn't mean that! :D tho it does show how tricky Mobile can get
  • JTS Brown21JTS Brown21 Posts: 41 Pool Player
    As far as golf.. nah he wasn't that good. It shot around 78 on a good day. It doesn't take much to be an asst. pro... you pretty much just sell balls and sweaters and give lessons to old ladies and spoiled kids
  • christhecueballchristhecueball Posts: 469 Pool Pro
    talha899t wrote: »
    @JTS Brown21 let's play a race to 5. I want to see how having a greater coin balance would make you a greater player :smiley:

    I don't know man... it just seems to me the best player is the guy with the most coins in the bank. If it was real money I don't think anyone would argue that.

    i would argue that in real life too.......SVB surely makes the most money with tourneys, but no one can convince me that hes also the best player out there (ofc he is one of the best, but not THE best)

    Tourneys? They don't pay much that I've noticed. If they did I would play them instead of the 20m 9-ball game (10m in regards to coin balance)

    ah sry, you missed my point, im talking about real life pool :D

    Oh haha you got me! Fyi he's old now but I've played pool and golf with Nick Varner. He was world #1 for a while years ago.

    ah very nice, he was a beast back then....... (not sure about his golfing tho lol)

    Nick was actually decent. He was assistant pro at Christmas Lake Golf Course located in Santa Claus, Indiana. Lol that's not a joke.

    oh wow....he was that good? amazing
    Of course that was before he won 10+ world billiard titles. :D

    hmmm somehow i doubt he has over ten worldtitles.....but i really didnt wanted to search it from that list, he won too much to check it, maybe someone else? lolol

    1970 ACU-I Intercolleagiate Championship
    1975 Midwest Open 9-Ball
    1979 Lexington All-Star Tournament
    1980 Professional Pool Players Association World Open 14.1 Pocket Billiard Championship
    1980 Billiard Congress of America National Eight-ball Championship
    1980 Kentucky Derby Open
    1980 BCA 8-Ball Qualifier
    1980 Illinois 9-Ball Open
    1981 Kentucky Open 9-Ball
    1982 Professional Pool Players Association World Nine-ball Championship
    1982 Kentucky Open 9-Ball
    1982 Bowling Green Open, Bank
    1982 Prestonburg Open 9-Ball
    1982 Owensboro Open 9-Ball
    1983 McDermott Masters Champion 9-Ball
    1983 San Jose Open 9-Ball
    1983 Kentucky Open 9-Ball
    1983 National Open 9-Ball
    1983 Fresno Open 9-Ball
    1984 Kentucky Open 9-Ball
    1984 Tennessee State 9-Ball
    1985 Tennessee State 9-Ball
    1985 Zurich Open 9-Ball
    1986 Professional Pool Players Association World 14.1 Championship
    1986 Charlotte Open
    1986 Sacramento Open 9-Ball
    1986 Midwest Open 9-Ball
    1987 McDermott Masters 9-Ball
    1988 Glass City Open 9-Ball
    1988 Scranton Invitational 9-Ball
    1988 Tennessee State 9-Ball
    1988 Sands Regent 9-Ball
    1989 US Open 9-Ball
    1989 MPBA Brunswick World Championship
    1989 Rak'em Up 9-Ball Classic
    1989 Knoxville 9-Ball Open
    1989 Governors Cup 9-Ball
    1989 Glass City Open 9-Ball
    1989 Sand Regent 9-Ball Open
    1989 Golden 8-Ball Invitational
    1989 Scranton Open 9-Ball
    1989 Lexington All Star Open
    1989 Akron Open 9-Ball
    1990 US Open 9-Ball
    1990 World Series Championship
    1990 Challenge Match, Vs. Efren Reyes, 9-Ball 60-47
    1990 Al Romero Classic 9-Ball
    1990 West End All Around Shoot Out
    1991 Rak'em Up 9-Ball
    1992 Super Bowl XXVI Billiard Championship
    1992 Legends of One Pocket, International One Pocket Tournament
    1993 Lexington All Star Open
    1994 International Challenge of Champions
    1994 World 8-Ball Championship
    1994 Lexington All Star Open
    1996 Sands Regent 9-Ball
    1996 J.O.B One Pocket
    1996 One Pocket
    1996 9-Ball
    1997 Mosconi Cup, Team America
    1997 J.O.B. 9-Ball
    1997 Sands Regent 9-Ball Open
    1998 Mosconi Cup, Team America
    1999 WPA World Nine-ball Championship
    1999 World Championship 9-Ball Bank
    1999 Steve Mizerak Tulsa Senior Open 9-Ball
    2000 World One Pocket Championship
    2000 Derby City Classic One Pocket
    2000 Steve Mizerak Senior Masters Open 9-Ball
    2001 The "Superman Classic" Open Tournament
    2001 Mosconi Cup Team America
    2001 Sunshine State One Pocket Tour, CM's Place
    2001 Sunshine State One Pocket Tour, Kiss Shot Billiards
    2001 Sunshine State One Pocket Tour, Capone's Billiards
    2001 Sunshine State One Pocekt Tour, Sharp Shooters
    2001 Hard Times One Pocket
    2002 Border Battle, Team USA Vs Team Canada
    2002 Patriot Cup
    2002 Jacksonville 9-Ball Open
    2002 Glass City Open 9-Ball
    2003 Pechauer 9-Ball Stop #7
    2003 Mosconi Cup, Team America, Captain
    2003 Border Battle, Team USA VS Team Canada
    2004 Border Battle, Team USA VS Team Canada
    2007 Great Southern 9-Ball Tour, Big Orange Classic
    2014 Durbin Cup

    Nick owned a pool hall in Owensboro and the was a big sign that read... home of Nick Varner, 9-time world champion. He sold that place many years ago and I thought I remembered reading that he had won a couple more world titles since then... I could certainly be wrong about that.

    Either way.. he was a world champ.

    yeah multiple.....and he won the most important too.....the world 9b.... not too shabby lolol
  • JTS Brown21JTS Brown21 Posts: 41 Pool Player
    So anyway the next billion came much faster. I had 175b career @ 17b coin balance. Now 18b coins @ 180b career. I'm no math expert but I think that's more like 1/5. I mean I'm still @ 1/10... just talking about this most recent billion.

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