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weekly competition winnings turned to 0

ΧρυσηΧρυση Posts: 162 Pool Pro
Does anybody else deals with that at the moment? Happened a while ago and they fixed it after some weeks, its happening again?


  • Davy DacueDavy Dacue To He!! and Back.Posts: 2,668 Pool Champion
    Even if you log out and back in is it still same.
  • talha899ttalha899t Posts: 243 Pool Pro
    It has happened to my alt account too.
  • !Murray!Murray Posts: 88 Pool Player
    It’s because their detectors or whatever have found suspicious activity on the account. I had this happen to my main account in August when I changed my country to Monaco to try and get some extra cash. I changed it on PC and there’s nothing wrong with that. My winnings were counting and I was getting towards the top 3. Then I had 2 or 3 unlucky games in a row where I got the black in by accident on my first shot after the break and the next time I checked the leaderboards my winnings were 0.
    What sucked was that my winnings didn’t count for the next 4 or so weeks. Now I’m worried that I’m close to being banned when I’ve never done anything wrong. So now I have a lot of alts so it won’t have to start from scratch again.
  • 81U381U3 ¯\_(ツ)_/¯Posts: 1,254 Pool Champion
    I sure wish this would happen to the 2 cheaters above me in my league... I'm in 3rd and I would be in 1st if not for them transfer players.
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